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From Skeptic to Believer

October 04, 20222 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

I’m often asked, “What results do clients experience”?  Here is a recent client story and the beginning of her remarkable transformation.

Sally, made up name to protect client’s identity, was very unsure about having a session with me.  We had talked about it before, but Energy Work was just a bit outside her comfort zone. 

FINALLY, she asked if we could have a session.  Of course my response was, “YES!!!” 🤣

I did my normal thing during our session utilizing multiple methods of Energy Work to identify imbalances keeping her already successful business from going to the next level. 

She was skeptical the entire time.  I could see it in her face.  She didn’t have a blueprint in front of her outlining a strategy to grow her business, so she couldn’t see how it could possibly help her.  In the end, after clearing past traumas easily and painlessly, intuitively, I made several recommendations of simple things she could consider doing to grow her business.

A few days later, she sent a voice message telling me all the things that had happened since our transformative session. 

1.      Removed herself from a paid group that was no longer serving her

2.      Reached out to previous clients

3.      Informed Social Media Manager of a shift in messaging she wanted to make

a.      Was asked to be subject for photo shoot for class project in exchange for the images

b.      Past MAJOR accomplishments and achievements would be highlighted in the photos

c.      Branding Specialist asked to do a swap – sessions with her in return for complete rebranding!

4.      Asked for the sale and got it!

A critical piece of Sally’s story is that she was quite skeptical.  This might sound like you. 

  • You want a strategic plan with all steps clearly defined so you can set specific goals and track progress. 

  • You hold the belief, “What happened in the past needs to stay in the past”.   

  • You don’t want to have to relive or discuss the past traumas you have survived. 

  • Deep down, you might believe that there is no way truly to let go of the past events, words, or experiences that have shaped your life. 

I’m here to tell you that you can quickly and easily let go of baggage from the past that’s impacting your life TODAY!  All your experiences have been stored in your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and even in the tissue of your physical body! 

Together, we can set the intention to clear what’s holding you back and put you on the path to transformation.

For my client, Sally, all of this happened in less than a week!  After ONE Session!  Not all clients have transformations this quickly, but it IS possible!  If you are ready to have a conversation about your transformation, book a call today!


Intuitive Leadership Coach

Jennifer Takagi

Intuitive Leadership Coach

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You’ll make the mindset shifts necessary to tap into your unique purpose and become more intentional and intuitive about the business, career and life that you are destined to have. Soul first. Then strategy.



As you release limits, lies and stories about why success isn’t possible for you, you’ll create space for more impact and income. With your divine desires in the driver’s seat, your dreams begin to unfold.



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You don’t need another guru to tell you that there is a woman inside of you who is waiting to become more. You already know that, but you’ve tried to stuff that version of yourself, the one that feels most true, into this teeny, tiny box (that all the coaches and courses told you would create the success you’re chasing). You’ve silenced her. So you feel scattered and unclear. You’re busy, but still unhappy and unfulfilled. That’s because your soul’s speaking. But are you listening?



Jennifer is a powerful presence. Her kind, and compassionate manner, combined with her strength of delivery and knowledge, gave me the clarity I was seeking. She opened me so I can see my inner power allowing me to be able to move forward.

Margaret Johnson

President and CEO, Women and Money, Inc.

Working with Jennifer was an incredible experience. She was able to help me make sense of so many elements that were holding me back and see the bigger picture in a way I just could never have done on my own. Not only did I gain this awareness but I was able to lean into a new way of thinking and start seeing results in my life immediately!

Jill Kane

Workplace Wellness Consultant

I am grateful for her intuitive guidance, and I recommend talking with before an upcoming project or event or if you are facing a fork in the road and need extra support.

Shauna Madsen

Creative Marketing Specialist

Jennifer was amazing! First off I totally connected with her immediately. Her warm and inviting personality make it so easy to just relax and be open. Our first session I didn’t really have many questions but she knew exactly what I needed to hear. It was amazing. The second meeting we had I had a bit more direction and again she knew exactly what I needed to hear and it resonated so well. Jennifer is the real deal you won’t be disappointed!

Shafonne Myers

Shafonne Myers Consulting

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